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Lenette Trantina
After an executive session of our Corn Festival Committee Lenette was unanimously voted into the position of Committee Chairman. Lenette will be a wonderful leader of this group of deviants and we look forward to many awesome years with her at the helm. She is also in charge of filling the tents and the park with all the great vendors and local businesses each year. If you have any questions about renting a tent space please contact Lenette. Member since 2009. Chairman since 2016.
Tina Clark
Tina took on the somewhat daunting task of finding a good mix of entertainment for the main stage for our festival weekend. She has gone above and beyond this year with some fresh talent and what should be a great weekend of performances. Member since 2014. Tina is also one of the last 7 people in the US that still use AOL for email.
Mike Arbuckle
Website & Electrical
I am probably the biggest geek on the committee so I try and maintain this website and get all our information out to the public. Also help with setting up all the electrical for the tents and park. Member since 1999.
Keri Shepherd
Decorations, Parade
Keri has taken on the scheduling of the Saturday parade for the last few years. If you have any questions concerning our parade please contact Keri at the email below. Member since 2012.
Sue Ann Buck
Ticket Sales / Armbands
Sue Ann has been on the committee for several years now and has been our Advanced Ticket sales coordinator. She also helps with all the other activities over the weekend, and tries to keep Jake in line. Member since 2012.
Melissa Eskridge
Tents & Vendors
Melissa has been a great addition to the committee. She works with crying babies everyday so she knows how to deal with the rest of us on the committee. Member since 2014.
Dolores Hornsby
Helps with Everything
Dolores joined us in 2016 and has been a great addition to the committee. She has tons of great ideas and isn't afraid to jump in and help with just about anything.
Tony Clark
Electrical & Whatever Else Needs Done

Tony joined the committee in 2016.  He brings a wealth of electrical knowledge, general handyman help, and some much needed testosterone to balance out all these wonderful ladies on the committee.

Anna Gauger
Heather Thompson
Helping out Wherever Needed

Heather joined the festival committee in 2018.  Since she is one of our newbies she will be helping with just about everything but we try not to overwhelm her so she comes back next year.  Welcome to the committee Heather!



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